CookycardsCookycards is for everyone who loves to send a card. Vergeet je moeder en vader dit jaar niet! Uitverkoop - alle (single) wenskaarten nu €1,50 U kunt ons ook volgen op Facebook, vergeet niet te Like of Share.http://www.cookycards.nlMijnWebwinkel RSS 2.0 Feed v1.0Cookycards Koekjes maakt zelf ook kaarten met eetbare lekker "homemade" koekjes er op. Voor meer informatie kunt u ons emailen op  Kleine cadeaukaartjes heeft haar eigen cadeaukaartjes ontworpen. Deze kaartjes zijn "hand-finished" met lintjes en een 3-d bovenlaag. De kaartjes zijn los of als een set van vier te koop en zijn blanco van binnen.U kunt ook uw eigen setje samenstellen (melden bij stap 2 in de bestelling of via de email)5 + 1 GRATIS is het handig om wat wenskaarten in huis te hebben. Cookycards biedt een paar mogelijk setjes aan. Als u zelf uw set wilt samenstellen, dan kunt u met ons contact opnemen. Om te weten: De goedkoopste kaart is gratisThe Cooky Blog Soon...Geschiedenis vd Wenskaart’s Greeting card is a folded piece of card with wording and/or illustration sending wishes to another person.  Historically the first cards were unfolded and known today as the postcard or note card. Greeting cards are sent for a wide range of reasons; a birthday, to say thank you, to wish someone good health, to celebrate a birth or to offer support when someone dies and let us not forget the annual Christmas Card. Most cards are now sent with the use of the envelope; they come in all shapes and sizes and are produced through large publishing houses. But the Greeting card today isn’t just about the physical card; the advances in technology have opened the door to many other possibilities, for example the e-card, the app-card, email messaging and social media messaging. In a world where time is everything and instant gratification is paramount, has led to the popularity of communicating our feelings to one another using this new media. The earliest cards have been traced back to the ancient Chinese New Year greeting and the Egyptians who wrote their greetings using Papyrus scrolls. This social interaction has been going on for centuries and continues today in all shapes and form. But still the written message on a card is still as popular as ever, sales in the UK have overtaken the sales of tea and coffee combined with Christmas sales and everyday occasions being the biggest sellers today. The first Commercial Christmas card was invented by Sir Henry Cole in 1846 that through lack of time to personally handwrite his own Christmas cards employed an artist to design his Christmas card for him; this included an illustration and text. What remained from the collection was sold commercially for 6cts per card in a shop, recently a Christmas card to his grandmother sold for £22,500 at auction. He was the pioneer of the penny post and founder of the V&A Museum in London. Today in Holland there are over 8000 selling points for the Greeting Card and in 2005, Holland came in third place with “cards sent per head “. The internet industries are booming too with sales for big businesses such as Greetz, Vistaprint, Postnl, and Moonpig and let’s not forget Hallmark. Here they have diversified in their card ranges to produce the Photo Card, Pop-up card, app-card and cards with music alongside the traditional Greeting Card. Despite the strengths of these big names in the business, smaller companies (also known as Independent Traders) are growing too. Why are they growing in a time of recession and a time when the big names seem to have it all? They offer something unique, something that sets them apart from the mainstream, as a people we are always on the look-out for something that no-one else has yet and they offer this alternative to the consumer. Their popularity is also helped by the advances in technology, the socially active websites from Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, Hyves,  Handmade Clubs and the local workshop have enabled the consumer to have a say,  to comment, to have an opinion about what a company is doing/designing and enables them to share their opinions freely and at the touch of a button. Within the Handmade sector Greeting card making is reported to be the Number 1 craft activity/hobby today. Does this suggest that we are tightening our financial belts or could it mean that we are finding ways of relieving out stress levels or could it mean that people are using technology intensively throughout the day that they need to revert to some form of handicraft to escape? But it’s not only card-making that is on the increase, knitting, sewing, crocheting and painting is increasing in popularity today.Cadeaus great gift ideas now available at Cookycards. We love to be organised and these are perfect to organise all your Greeting Cards making it easy to remember up and coming Birthdays and Anniversaries. The Wrapping Paper Organiser is also great for storing your Paper, Gift Tags, Tape and Scissors all in the one place. I'm forever looking for the tape and scissors! Handgeschreven Dienst / Personalise your card you would like Cookycards to personally handwrite your message and send direct please click on handwriting box below. At Step 2 of the ordering process you will be able to enter your message and name & address details for the envelope in the Comment Box. We will also write your message in Dutch (if entered in Dutch). This exclusive service costs €1,50 per card.Redback Cards Cards specialise in the progressive humour market. They have four different ranges of funny Greeting Cards; Black Label (artwork by Redback Cards), Baldwin (artwork by Mike Baldwin), Wulffmorgenthaler (artwork by Anders Wulffmorgenthaler and Mikael Wulff) and Cyanide and Happiness (artwork by Kris Wilson). Their clever mix of art, colours and text provides a very funny card collection at Cookycards whether you want to just read through them all or send a funny card to make someone laugh! All cards measure 150mm x 150mm and are supplied with a white envelope in a cello bagPenny Lindop Greeting Cards are designed by Penny Lindop and are handfinished by a local Norfolk team using sheep`s fleece. The cards have a strong "countryside" theme to them.The sheep`s fleece is incorporated in all of her cards in a variety of colours which Cookycards feels it adds a special touch to the cards. Their simplicity and artistry is unique and beautiful, Cookycards feels proud to have Penny Lindop cards as a part of its collection.Lovehart Cards is brought together by the two disitnctive creative styles of a husband and wife team Simon and Theresa Hart. Their designs show their love of colours, prints and patterns from Theresa`s "Splash" and "Fancy Font" range to Simon`s "Love" and "Birthday" greeting card range.Design Hog Hog is a Bedfordshire based greeting card publishing company. Nicky Dawson has something for everyone at Design Hog from her Beauty Brights range to the Best of British range highlighting the Union Jack flag with diamond embellishments for that extra touch.Collecties greeting cards can be found here. Cookycards loves it`s Greeting Card Collections from Penny Lindop, Redback Cards, Lovehart and Design Hog. A collection of great design, colour, style and humour! Cookycards have also a few designs of their own!Links cadeau nodig voor bij een wenskaart? Maak zelf een cadeau van sieraden - armbanden, geluksengeltjes, oorbellen en sleutelhangers via; weten over Cookycards was launched in November 2010 as a direct-selling company with the aim to bring greeting cards to your door. Growing up in the UK and even more so today, the High Street inspires a love and passion for greeting cards and they are sent for every occasion imaginable. However, here in Holland it feels very different, how many times have I gone to buy a card and come out of the shop empty handed? Or bought a card that was just ok? For me it wasn`t good enough and it inspired me to start my own greeting card business "Cookycards". Cookycards would love to get to know your (expat) organisation or group. If you have a meeting or event planned and would love us to attend so that your group, members and friends can buy from a wide selection of greeting cards, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Cookycards can come to a coffee morning, a meeting or even have a stand at your event. We aim to make Cookycards accessible to the wider population here in Holland too, it`s not just for expats! If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. Cookycards hopes to inspire everyone to send cards to everyone for all occasions, there is nothing that makes someone more happier than to receive a card through the letterbox.Verjaardag / kind Childrens Greeting Cards comes from the colourful designs of Lovehart. We have cards from Age 1 to Age 6 for both boys and girls.Pasen some a lovely extended weekend for others a religious celebration. Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The Easter weekend occurs on the first Sunday after the full moon following the vernal equinox (when the equator lies equal to the centre of the sun) in the northern hemisphere.Kerst Christmas Collection offers a selection of Boxed Sets, Individual Cards and Childrens Activity Card MasksVaderdag's Day is a celebration honoring and celebrating fatherhood, and the paternal bond.2014 sees it being celebrated on Sunday 15th June in Europe and the U.S.A, while Australia and New Zealand celebrate it on September 7th.Moederdag`s Day is a celebration of motherhood and the maternal bond, it`s a perfect day to honour your Mother and to tell her how much you love her.Mother`s Day in the UK is on Sunday 30th March 2014. In the Netherlands and Internationally it falls on Sunday 11th May 2014Wherever your Mother is living, be it in another country or round the corner, a card can say it all!Valentijn Day is named after an early Christian martyr St. Valentine. February 14th marks an annual celebration of love and affection between couples and this being expressed through the sending/giving of flowers, confectionary and Greeting Cards.Deelneming are so hard to find when you are faced with a bereavement, a greeting card can sometimes speak louder than words during a very emotional time. Pensioen / Werken marks the end of your working life and marks the start of fresh new beginnings. What better way to do this than by sending one of our Retirement Greeting Cards!Just a Note's handy having a notecard set at home to cover all those eventualities. Keep an eye on this page for some new designs coming soon from CookycardsBlanco`s not fun to be ill, whether at home or in hospital, Cheer someone up today by sending a Get Well Card or a card to cheer them up. Cookycards will be happy to handwrite the greeting card and send it for you too, if you so wish. Humor Cards offers a very funny collection of Greeting Cards for us here at Cookycards. If we need cheering up then a read of these refreshingly original cards always guarantee a smile.Bedankt you is an expression of gratitude. Where would we be in a world without the simple words of Thank You? Sending a Thank you card can speak louder than words!Nieuwe wooning new house needs some extra decoration for the first few weeks while everything is being unpacked. Will your "New House" Greeting Card be the first one to arrive on the doormat?Huwelijk / Trouwdag there "Love in the Air"? Then you`ll find a perfect Engagement and Wedding card here at Cookycards to wish the happy couple all the best for their future together and also if the happy couple are celebrating their Wedding Anniversary.Geboorte many months of speculation of whether it`s a Girl or Boy, the baby has entered this wonderful world of pink or blue! Cookycards has a Greeting Card for both babies. Watch this space for a wider collection coming soon.Verjaardag / Man you will find a Greeting Card for HIM, ranging from a super cool car and drum set Greeting Card to the hilarious "Male humour" cards.Verjaardag / Vrouw offers a wide range of cards for HER, as well as the general cards we also have cards for your Mother, Daughter, Sister, and Nan. De handgeschreven Kaart you would like Cookycards to handwrite your message please click on handwriting style below. At Step 2 of the ordering process you will be able to enter your message and envelope name & address details in the Comment Box. We will  write your message in Dutch (if entered in Dutch). You can make this selection for up to a maximum of 3 cards per customer. We use BLUE ink to handwrite your card/s We will write up to 30 WORDS per card Our handwriting service is only applicable on individual cards and not the notecard/christmas box sets Cookycards Handwriting Service costs €1,50 per card and will be calculated along with your delivery costs in the shopping cart. Cookycards cannot accept responsibility for your incorrect entries. We will write exactly what has been entered Cookycards reserves the right to refuse this service for messages which are threatening, malicious or discriminatory. If you require more information regarding this service please refer to our Terms and Conditions or contact us on 06-21242292.Inspiratie Cookycards we are loving..Baking cookies (Biscuits) and learning to ice A bit about Melanie...She hasn't got enough hours in the day to do everything she wants to doShe loves to run.. a great sport to come up with ideasAt home she detests ironing but loves cooking from a new recipe book, her newest book is "Clodagh's Kitchen Diaries" - Clodagh McKenna.http://www.clodaghmckenna.comShe loves creativity and seeing all things made on Etsy and Welke. She's managed to find some time for Pinterest and is slowly getting the hang of it, some of her designs are now pinned under Melanie Cook, Cookycards. things in life...A strong cup of english tea and Rooibos tea. Cooking, woonideen 101 magazine,  a book you can`t put down (hooked on Jo Nesbo), and lets not forget a glass of wine... and if given the chance a good dance!!Algemene Voorwaarden and Conditions Welcome to the Cookycards website terms and conditions for use. These terms and conditions apply to the use of this website and by accessing this website and/or placing an order you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions we do reserve the right not to accept your order. If you do have any questions relating to the terms and conditions before placing an order please contact us by email (, or call us on +31 (0)6-2124 2292 between 10am-5pm.Business DetailsAddress: Stellingmolen 20, 2665 ST Bleiswijk, NederlandTelephone: 06 2124 2292Email: info@cookycards.nlWebsite: www.cookycards.nlKVK nr: 51255804BTW nr: NL239639856B01Rabobank Acct nr: NL05RABO159833752 Business Hours:Mon: 10:00 - 17:00Tues: CLOSEDWeds: 10:00 - 12:00Thurs: 10:00 - 17:00Friday: CLOSED Handwriting Service Cookycards Handwriting Service is offered on single cards (not boxed Christmas and note-card sets) We will handwrite up to 3 cards to a maximum of 30 words per card. All cards will be handwritten with a blue ink pen and as close to the handwritten style shown. What is entered in the comment box by step 2 (of the ordering process) will be written exactly on the selected card. Cookycards accepts no responsibility for incorrect entries, we write exactly what has been entered by you. If your message is entered in Dutch, Cookycards will write this message as you have entered it. Cookycards reserves the right to refuse this service for messages which are threatening, malicious or discriminatory.Handwriting CostCookycards Handwriting Service costs €1,50 per card and will be calculated along with your delivery costs in the shopping cart. If you require more information regarding this service please contact us on 06 2124 2292 or email info@cookycards.nlCookycards reserves the right to change the handwriting service charges as required. DeliveryWe dispatch all of our orders from our business address in Bleiswijk via TNT Post once payment has been received. Delivery costs are based on postage, handling and packaging and is not simply the cost of the stamp. If you are in the area of Bleiswijk, you may also choose to collect your card/s at a pre-arranged time from our Business Address: Stellingmolen  20, 2665 ST Bleiswijk. There will be no postage costs calculated on cards that are collected from the Business Address. ORDER(S) PLACED & PAYMENT RECEIVEDSENTESTIMATED ARRIVAL*Before 2pm Mon-FriSame dayNext dayAfter 2pm Mon-ThursFollowing day2 daysAfter 2pm FridayFollowing MondayTuesdaySaturday & SundayFollowing MondayTuesdayPublic HolidaysFollowing working day2 days*arrival times are an estimation based on the TNT postal system within the Netherlands and cannot be guaranteed by Cookycards.After your payment has been cleared your goods will be dispatched with the next postal delivery. If an item is temporarily out of stock delivery times might vary. We will inform you of this via email and will endeavour to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Cookycards can also arrange for Track and Trace with TNT post, please telephone for details. Delivery chargesDeliveries are calculated on the amount of cards being sent. Within the NetherlandsCost 1-5 €2,00 6-11 €3,00 12-20 €5,00 Cards InternationalCost 1-5 4,00 6-11 €5,50 12-20 €10,00   Returns PolicyWe will exchange or refund any item you are not happy with provided they are returned to us in their original condition within 7 days of receipt. Please ask for proof of postage from the post office for your returned item as we cannot be held responsible for anything that gets lost or damaged in transit. Please ensure that items are returned unused and in their original condition. If we find that the product has not been returned to us in a fully re-saleable condition , we reserve the right to refuse a refund on the item, or deduct up to 20% of the original selling price from the refund amount.In the case of non-faulty goods, we will reimburse you for the cost of the product only.Faulty / Damaged GoodsIn the case of faulty goods, we will reimburse you in full (the cost of the product and postage) Delivery charge and returned postage will only be refunded if the item is faulty.If an item you have received from us is damaged when it reaches you please inform us immediately. Once we have established what is broken we can arrange for a replacement to be sent.We regret we are unable to offer a refund or exchange on personalised handwritten products unless they are faulty in any way. Please send all returns to : Cookycards, Stellingmolen 20, 2665ST Bleiswijk. Payments You may purchase merchandise from this Website by using one of the payment options below.IDEAL: Payments are processed through Sisow PSP, a completely secure, well trusted certified online payment processor. For more details regarding Sisow visit  www.sisow.nlDIRECT PAYMENT: Payment can also be made through transferring payment direct into Bank Account Nr: NL05RABO1598.33.752 tnv. Cookycards -M.J.Cook Cookycards reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you. VATRetail prices on the website are inclusive of VAT(19%).Customer Care and ServiceAs a valid customer of Cookycards we want you to be really happy with our products and the service you received when purchasing through our website. If you require any further information about our range of products or help and advice with your order please don`t hesitate to contact us. Email us at  or phone +31 (0)621 242 292. If we are not here to take your call please leave a message with your name and number so we can call you back as soon as possible. MiscellaneousAlthough the available information on this website is accessible worldwide, Cookycards reserve the right to limit the provision of their products or services to any person, or geographic area, they so desire and to limit the quantities of any products or services that they provide.Contact Stellingmolen 20, 2665ST Bleiswijk, NederlandTelephone: 06-21242292Email: info@cookycards.nlWebsite: www.cookycards.nlKVK nr: 51255804BTW nr: NL239639856B01 Business Hours: Mon: 10:00 - 17:00Tues: 10:00 - 17:00Weds: 10:00 - 12:00Thurs: 10:00 - 17:00Friday: 10:00 - 17:00 Home